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After each topic, we discuss Q&A with real world scenarios, and all interview related questions are discussed. Manual, Automation, Web Services and MongoDB, Hadoop Testing with JOB Prospects

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Is placement provided?

Yes, our mission is to place our consultants on project. We place consultants as per their skill set like Jr. , Mid-Level, Sr. or Lead. So students feel comfortable during their job.

QA Training

People learn better and recall more when they think they will soon need to teach the material to someone else.    
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Learn from Industry Experts​​

1. What is Mobile Web Testing VS Mobile App Testing? 

2. How is Mobile Testing different from Web Testing? 

3. What is Android Emulator and IPhone Simulator 

4. Appium Server configuration

5. Sauce Labs

6. Exercise & Assignments 

Setting up Android Emulator for Testing 

1. Setting up Eclipse IDE 

2. Setting up Android SDK 

3. Setting up Eclipse Android ADT Plugin 

4. Setting up Android Virtual Devices 

5. Android Versions and SDKS 

6. Types of Android AVDs  ​

7. Head Less Browers

8. Sauce Labs configuration

​9. Android vs iOS apps 

Testing Android User Interface Various Layout types, such as Linear Layout, Relative Layout etc Views View Hierarchy Layout Widgets UI Events Adapters Exercise & Assignments Verifying Data on SQLite Database SQLite on Android™ SQL Basics Database Connectivity Data Binding Using Content Provider Implementing ContentProvider Exercise & Assignments Testing Web Applications on Mobile Devices What is HTML5 Mobile Browser Compatibility Testing Strategy Testing Steps Industry Tools for Web Application Testing on Mobile Devices Exercise & Assignments Android Testing Environment Android Test Projects Android Test Case Classes Additional Android Assertions Mock Object Classes Touch and Key Events Testing and Threading Issues Exercise & Assignments Releasing (Android or IPA) Using Eclipse Github Test flightapp Productivity Tips The Android Debug Bridge (adb) and the Android Emulator Console Installing and Uninstalling Apps Copying Files to and from the Emulator/Device Issuing Shell Commands on the Emulator/Device Viewing the System Log with adb logcat Emulator Runtime Images: User Data and SD Card Exercise & Assignments