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Is placement provided?

Yes, our mission is to place our consultants on project. We place consultants as per their skill set like Jr. , Mid-Level, Sr. or Lead. So students feel comfortable during their job.

QA Training

People learn better and recall more when they think they will soon need to teach the material to someone else.    
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Learn from Industry Experts​​

Welcome to QA Training - Automation and Manual Testing - Demo on Sat,  at 1:00 PM

Our goal is simple:

Learn and Master the QA course by industry experts and learn latest Technologies and Methods. QA Guru will teach you first and then give you an opportunity to do live projects. That will help student to learn faster and understand well.

Growing QA market in Dallas and throughout USA, Have you considered IT lately? Have you been dreaming of an IT career? Have you faced rejection in interviews? It's time to take a deeper look into the root cause. We have a course designed to meet most of your needs and help you get across the finish line. ALL H1Bs, H4, GCs, OOPTs and Citizens can join. Online or Carrollton TX. 

Learn and Start your career as Software Quality Assurance field from the experienced professional. You would be guaranteed become a perfect software tester after taking this course. You would start from your role as a tester and your team responsibilities. Then, you would get the introduction of the live project,  Agile Methodology, Test plan, Test cases, Test defects,  Defect life cycle, Different environments, Release process, API testing, and much more. Also, you would be learning how to perform testing in real time. You would also get live experience in Agile and test management tools like Jira. 

Practical Approach:   This course is designed completely on practical approach. From beginning to the end, you would see yourself working in an organization, and on a real time project. 

Course outline: This course gives you the complete cycle of software testing from your role to different approaches to develop a software to requirement docs from the client  to software development to the real time testing to the release process. You would be able to see end to end approach of software testing. 

Document Template: You would be getting the real Test plan, Test case documents as well as very practical interview questions. 

Support: We will  always be available via email or in-class for any assistance or concerns.  

Real time testing : You would be learning how to perform real time testing.

Professional Assurance: You would be learning Software Testing  from a 10+ years SQA professional  from your own desk.

Best suitable for individuals who wants to pursue their career in Software Testing.  

LIVE PROJECT - you would be able to see real requirements, and be able to work on the LIVE PROJECT!! 

Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.

Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
Lifetime Access - Pay fees one time and access the whole course life time.

Download real software testing documents like Test Plan, Test Cases and other important docs.
Learn Agile and Test Management Tools like JIRA.
API  Testing 
Get all future course updates FREE !
Real time Interview Questions.
Resume Preparations.  

Most Popular Interview Questions and Sample Resumes : In this section you would be able to see most common interview questions and few sample resumes that help you during interviews or in applying a job

Is it Different?

After each topic, we discuss Q&A with real world scenarios, and all interview related questions are discussed. Manual, Automation, Web Services and MongoDB, Hadoop Testing with JOB Prospects